G! is constantly bringing out updates, on average one per month.

Usually the update is said to remedy problems and bugs, but is in fact mainly creating new ones.

Version 3.6.1Edit

Version3 6 1 The game underwent a major graphic overhaul.

Old screenEdit

The screen is overfull, so in fact the idea of pull-down menus is good. It is possible to make disappear the whole row of icons with the green arrow in the right bottom corner. I am missing this option in the new version (or I haven't found it yet).

New screenEdit


The new screen with the pull-down menus. The pull-down for the settings is too small. It is difficult to touch the right icon (and I have small hands). With a neutral background the new icons are acceptable, but in front of a city they are simply too colorful, it becomes confusing. Maybe a hideable band with all the bottom icons would be an idea. If G! wants to streamline the design, they should remove:

  • the singularly annoying link to the underwater chest
  • the blinking golden button to "Collect All"
  • the button "First Adventures" after the completion of the quest
  • the button "VIP Pyramid" could better be integrated to the icon showing the VIP level

And I want the clock back!

New product iconsEdit

The product icons also are renewed, though I don't understand why you would change a perfectly good design. I have to check every time whether I see a muffin or a fruitcake.
Muffins vs. new muffins Muffins new
Fruitcake vs. new fruitcakes Fruitcake new

Version 3.6.6Edit

Update 3 6 6

Changes in Version 3.6.6Edit

Version 3.7.Edit

Update 3 7 0

Version 3.8.0Edit


  • Celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Organize the best holiday dinner ever
  • Construct the Babylon Center

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