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Available at level Level 21
Territory Territory 2x2
Buildings allowed to build Building 10
Construction time Time 8 h
Electricity Electricity -220
Yields experience for construction XP2 +140
Price Cash 65 during 25% "Super Sale"
Upgrade costs / Time

Level 2:
Level 3:

Demolition costs Coins 27,500

Manufacturing Edit

Product Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Building Level Time Experience Sell Costs Required vehicles


Cap with a Logo


1x Cotton


1x Paper

1 Time 2 h XP2 +15 Coins +3,900 Coins 1,200

Truck 2

WoodTruck 1


Special Business Card


2x Paper

2 Time 3 h XP2 +20 Coins +5,000 Coins 1,400 WoodTruck 4


T-shirt with a Logo


3x Cotton


2x Plastic

3 Time 4 h XP2 +25 Coins +6,000 Coins 1,600 Truck 5


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