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Available at level Level 10
Territory Territory 2x2
Buildings allowed to build Building 10
Construction time Time 10 h
Electricity Electricity -200
Yields experience for construction XP2 +12
Price Coins 60,000
Upgrade costs / Time

Level 2: Coins 100,000 / Time 10 h
Level 3: 150,000/ 10h
Level 4: Coins 200,000 / Time 10 h

The Construction Institute produces Welders, which are required to complete the River Bridge project.

Training Edit

Product Building
Time Experience Costs
Welder Welder 1 10 h Time +25 XP2 40,000 Coins
Fitter Fitter 2 15 h Time +40 XP2 60,000 Coins
Electrician Electrician 3 20 h Time +60 XP2 80,000 Coins
Architect Architect 4 1 d 6 h Time +80 XP2 100,000 Coins

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