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"This port has been long abandoned. You can rebuild it and start trading big! You can sell goods for a profit, help your friends and earn more revenue. Don't miss your chance to build a great naval business!"

"Help the workers repair the port, manage the work process and don't neglect your construction site. Complete all the stages to get a one-of-a-kind Commercial Port."

Notice  Each part of each construction task must be complete before moving on to the next, items marked with  can be made in advance to complete the part faster. Hang on to the items in your Warehouse until you have completed the part in the construction task that requires it.

Available at level 12 Level
Territory 6x8 Territory
Buildings allowed to build 1 Building
Citizens' happiness +800 Happiness
  • Upgrade costs
  • Time 
  • Yields experience for upgrade
  • New Happiness / Electricity

Level 2:

  • 60 Bronze Anchor, 30 Silver Anchor, 10 Gold Anchor
  • 0 sec Time
  • +60 XP
  • +1200 Happiness / -100 Electricity

Level 3:

  • 120 Bronze Anchor, 60 Silver Anchor, 20 Gold Anchor
  • 0 sec Time
  • +100 XP
  • +1600 Happiness / -150 Electricity


  • Your ship will automatically depart when you fill all your RegularShipping cargo containers or when the 18 h time limit expires
  • Fill your VIPShipping VIP containers before you fill all your regular RegularShipping cargo if you want the VIP bonus
  • Your ship will return to your port 6 h Time after it departs
  • Filling RegularShipping containers pays you 110% of the value of the goods, for both your ship and RegularShipping containers you fill for your friends
  • If you click again on "load to ship" after a ship has departed, it will tell you what 3 RegularShipping cargo items you need for the next ship (it won't tell you how many)
  • It is possible that you won't be able to create any of the 3 items - if that happens you will just have to wait a day for the next ship
  • The items seem to be listed in order of how much time they take to make
  • If you don't recognize an item, click on the green arrow as if loading it, and it will tell you what it is and what building produces it
  • You can select up to 4 RegularShipping containers for your friends to fill
  • Select the RegularShipping container you want help with and press the "Help from friends" button
  • Friends with PlayerHelp on their user icon have RegularShipping containers available for you to fill 
  • Each ship that leaves fully loaded with RegularShipping cargo gives +1 Cash and +1 Anchor (bronze / silver / gold)
  • You can get gold and silver anchors without filling the premium container
  • Up to level 35 you will have to fill 6 containers RegularShipping (2 containers for each item), level 35 to 46 you have to fill 9 containers  RegularShipping (3 per item) and level 46 onwards you have to fill 12 containers  RegularShipping (4 per item).
  • There is a bug at level 46 which causes the port to require 4 different cargo items per ship (if you click on "load to ship" before the ship arrives it will still only display the normal 3 items). This bug lasts the entire level, once you level up to 47 the ship will go back to normal, ie 4 containers for each of the 3 items. The items it requires for this "bugged" level is 1 container for first item, 4 for second, 4 for third and 3 for fourth.


"The safe's contents will be awarded to only the most industrious businessmen who never surrender to obstacles. Complete all the tasks in time (10 days Time from the time you start the quest) and get a valuable reward."

Inside the safe you will find:

  • 10 
  • 100,000 Coins
  • 1 Golden Key
  • 1 Gold Coin
  • 1 Blueprint (Fragment #3 of Blueprints for building "Nanogenerator")

Construction Task 1: Expand BoundariesEdit

Part 1 (Reward: 2,500 Coins, 70 XP)

Part 2 (Reward: 3,000 Coins, 80 XP)

  • Build 5 Newstands
  • Meet 100 Reporters (100 Energy 5 h Time, Reporters citizens wandering around town)

Construction Task 2: Donut MasterEdit

Step 1 (Reward 3,000 Coins, 90 XP)

Construction Task 3: Large Scale ConstructionEdit

Step 1 (Reward: 3,500 Coins, 100 XP)

  • Produce 10 Wood Planks (5m Time each @ Sawmill) - will be removed when task completed
  • Accumulate 5 Pumps (visiting friends, Terminal- will be removed when task completed

Step 2 (Reward: 3,500 Coins, 110 XP)

  • Receive Steel Bolt (Terminal)
  •      NOTICE: Use taxi to get steel bolt. It does not work with van or bus trips. It is OK to send out other vehicles. The bolt will come back only by taxi. Or, don't send any vehicle out, just to be on the safe side.
  • Help the workers by Accumulating 550 Energy (27 h 30 m Time)

Construction Task 4: Everything Has a PriceEdit

Step 1 (Reward: 4,000 Coins, 120 XP)

  • Have a level 5 Warehouse
  • Pay 10 workers 10,000 Coins each. (workers are wandering around town)

Step 2 (Reward 4,000 Coins, 130 XP)

  • Collect 8 Hammers (gifts from friend) (can be made in advance)
  • Find 30 steel Details (collect from Donut Cafe)

Construction Task 5: Money Awaits!Edit

Step 1 (Reward: 4,500 Coins, 140 XP)

Done! (Reward: 7,000 Coins, 250 XP)

These items can be made in advance

Total Items Needed to Fill ContainersEdit

The following list shows how many of each item you can expect to produce in order to fill your containers, above level 46. This information is especially helpful to know during the 6 hours that you are waiting for your ship to arrive. This will let you know the exact amount you need to fill your containers and not waste time and resources producing too much of an item. Rows A, B and C are independent, for example it is possible to get [B]-1-1-1-1 + [C]-1-1-1-1 = 8 Thickener and 3 Bonus Thickener on the same ship (though better to rely on friends if you get that unlucky).

The first bonus is usually 3 items (exception is Cat House from the Petshop which is just 1, as at 30 Jan 2015), the second bonus is usually 4 items (exception is Dog lead from the Petshop which is also just 1, as at 24 Feb 2015). It is not yet known if bonuses are independent (or if you could for instance get 3+4 bonus Stool).

Goods Total Needed Container Breakdown

[Row A-C Top-Bottom]-1-2-3-4

Acid Acid 6 [B]-1-1-2-2
Aluminum Aluminum 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
BakingSoda Baking Soda 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Belt Belt 16 [A]-3-3-4-6
Berries Berries 20 [?]-4-4-5-7
Booklets Booklets 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Books Books 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Bread Bread 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Buckwheat Buckwheat 9 [A]-2-2-2-3
Butter Butter 7 [A]-1-1-2-3
Cables Cables 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
CacaoBeans Cacao Beans 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Cake Cake 7 [B]-1-2-2-2
Calendars Calendars 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Candy Candy
Chair Chairs 24 [A]-4-5-6-9
Cheese Cheese 31 [A]-6-7-8-10
Cheesecake Cheesecake 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Chocolate Chocolate
ChocolateMilk Chocolate Milk
Chlorine Chlorine 4




Coal Coal 9 [A]-2-2-2-3
CoconutFlakes Coconut flakes 11 [A]-2-2-3-4
CondensedMilk Condensed Milk 5 [B]-1-1-1-2
Cookies Cookies 7 [A]-1-1-2-3
CottageCheese Cottage Cheese 11 [A]-2-2-3-4
Cotton Cotton 20 [?]-4-4-5-7
Couch Couches 9 [?]-2-2-2-3
Croissants Croissants 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
DieselFuel Diesel Fuel 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Dough Dough 15 [A]-3-3-4-5
Down Down 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Dress Dress 6 [B]-1-1-2-2
DriedFruit Dried Fruit 5 [A]-1-1-1-2
Dye Dye 9 [?]-2-2-2-3
Eclairs Eclairs 10 [?]-2-2-3-3
Eggs Eggs 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Fish Fish 4 [A]-1-1-1-1
Flax Flax 40 [A]-10-10-10-10
Flour Flour 40 [A]-10-10-10-10
Flowers Flowers 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Foam Foam 37 [A]-8-9-10-10
Fruit Fruit 37 [?]-8-9-10-10
Fruitcake Fruitcake 32 [A]-6-7-9-10
CottageCheeseWithFruit Fruit Cheese Curd 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Fur Fur 9 [?]-2-2-2-3
Gasoline Gasoline 9 [A]-2-2-2-3
Gingerbread Gingerbread 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Glue Glue 4




Grain Grain 40 [?]-10-10-10-10
Herbs Herbs 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Jam Jam 11 [?]-2-2-3-4
Juice Juice 7 [B]-1-2-2-2
Kefir Kefir 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Ketchup Ketchup 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Lasagna Lasagna
Leather Leather 40 [A]-10-10-10-10
Limestone Limestone 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Lipstick Lipstick 4 [C]-1-1-1-1
Logs Logs 40 [?]-10-10-10-10
Lotion Lotion 10 [B]-2-2-3-3
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Meat Meat
Milk Milk 40 [?]-10-10-10-10
Milkshake Milkshake 37 [A]-8-9-10-10
MotorOilMotor Oil 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Muesli Muesli 8 [?]-1-2-2-3
Muffins Muffins 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Oil Oil 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Ore Ore 10 [B]-2-2-3-3
Packaging Packaging 37 [?]-8-9-10-10
Paint Paint 37 [A]-8-9-10-10
Paper Paper 9 [?]-2-2-2-3
Parquet Parquet 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
PetFood Pet food 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
ImPhotoPaper Photopaper 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Plastic Plastic 9 [?]-2-2-2-3
Plywood Plywood 6 [B]-1-1-2-2
Polyethylene Polyethylene 40 [?]-10-10-10-10
Potatoes Potatoes 4 [A]-1-1-1-1
Purse Purse 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Puzzle Puzzle 7 [B]-1-2-2-2
RadioComponent Radio Components 4 [C]-1-1-1-1
Rice Rice 9 [?]-2-2-2-3
Rolls Rolls 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Rug Rug 11 [A]-2-2-3-4
Salt Salt 20 [A]-4-4-5-7
Sand Sand 40 [?]-10-10-10-10
Sawdust Sawdust 37 [A]-8-9-10-10
Scaffolding Scaffolding 9 [A]-2-2-2-3
Scarf Scarf 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Shampoo Shampoo 4 [C]-1-1-1-1
Shirts Shirts 9 [B]-2-2-2-3
Shoes Shoes 6 [B]-1-1-2-2
ShowerGel Shower Gel
Skateboard Skateboards 5 [A]-1-1-1-2
Soap Soap 4 [C]-1-1-1-1
Solvent Solvent 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
SourCream Sour Cream 6 [?]-1-1-2-2
Spices Spices 4 [?]-1-1-1-1
Stool Stool 9 [A]-2-2-2-3
Strudel Strudel 11 [?]-2-2-3-4
Sugar Sugar 31 [A]-6-7-8-10
SugarCane Sugar Cane 40 [A]-10-10-10-10
Table Table 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
Tea Tea 7 [A]-1-1-2-3
ThickenerThickener 4




TimberSlabs Timber Slabs 20 [?]-4-4-5-7
Varnish Varnish 6 [B]-1-1-2-2
Vegetables Vegetables 6 [?]-1-1-2-2
VegetablesRagu Vegetable Ragu 4 [C]-1-1-1-1
Waffles Waffles
Waffle Cakes
Waffle Rolls
Wax Wax 4 [B]-1-1-1-1
WoodBeams Wood Beams 9 [A]-2-2-2-3
WoodPlanks Wood Planks 40 [A]-10-10-10-10
Wool Wool 37 [A]-8-9-10-10
Yogurt Yogurt 8 [A]-1-2-2-3

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