Event Description Edit

This was a temporary event that started on February 10, 2016.

Get your city ready for the most romantic day of the year -- Valentine's Day! Complete all of the event's requirements within the allotted time and win the unique Aphrodite Salon!

Completing the event involves completing 10 quests.

Duration and Reward Edit

Event Duration: 12 days (?)

Reward: Aphrodite Salon

2016 Valentine's Day

Gifts Edit

During the event, players were given the chance to send themed gifts to their friends. Each gift cost 15 "Love Arrows" to send, which were collected from citizens around the city. They were also the rarest of the event resources, naturally.

Gift From Cupid Window Heading

Possible rewards included the following game resources:

Gift From Cupid Possible Rewards

Possible Certificates:

  • 10 VIP points
  • Economy VIP (1 day)
  • 10 corporate points
  • 25 corporate points
  • Overtime
  • Residence Permit +50
  • Time certificate for 20 mins
  • Tool Box
  • Tax Inspection
  • Party

Other possible gift contents:

  • Coins Coins
  • XP2 Exp

VIP Active Bonuses Edit

Active VIP bonuses can help you acquire event resources more quickly. Active bonuses must be activated using a certificate. See the VIP page for more information.

VIP Level Chance to get 2x Loving Heart Chance to get 2x Cupid Chance to get 2x Love Arrow
1 - - -
2 - - -
3 - - -
4 10% - -
5 15% 5% -
6 20% 10% 5%
7 25% 15% 10%
8 30% 20% 15%
9 35% 25% 20%
10 50% 30% 25%
11 60% 35% 30%
12 75% 50% 35%

Event Tasks Edit

Tasks are designed around the following items that are available from citizens:

  • Collect Loving Hearts Valentine Heart Bubble, Cupids Cupid, or Love Arrows Cupid Arrow from citizens. Cost Energy 1 per citizen, which appears to yield a single resource.
Romantic Gift Bubble
  • Romantic Gifts. Cost Energy 15, and can contain various items for your city, including several of a single type of event resource.
Sincere Gift Bubble
  • Sincere Gifts. Cost 100 Loving Hearts. Can contain various items for your city, but does not include any event resources.
  • Gift of Cupid. Cost 15 Love Arrows. Can be sent as a gift to friends.

1. Holiday in Town Edit

"The people of the city can't wait for Valentine's Day! Why don't we start celebrating just a little early? First, let's find some loving hearts and romantic gifts."

  • Receive 10 Loving Hearts from your citizens
  • Receive a Romantic Gift from your citizens

Reward: Coins 7,500, XP2 75, Rating Points Simple 100

2. Loving Hearts Edit

"Continue celebrating with your citizens: Give them valentines in the form of loving hearts! And your feelings are mutual; they'll give you something in return! Oh, ask them for little cupids too; you'll need them.

  • Receive 1 Sincere Gifts from your citizens
  • Receive 40 Cupids from your citizens

Reward: Coins 7,500, XP2 75, Rating Points Simple 100

3. For Two Edit

"While the people are busy celebrating Valentine's Day you have time to wish your friends and loved ones a happy one! Send a few gifts to your friends and keep collecting loving hearts. You'll get a special prize for completing this task.'

  • Send 10 Gifts from Cupid to friends
  • Receive 25 Loving Hearts from your citizens

Reward: Coins 10,000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 750

Reward! Edit

Amour Park Amour Park

4. Cupid's Arrows Edit

  • Upgrade Amour Park to Level 2
  • Receive 3 Sincere Gifts from your citizens-Do not cash in the Sincere Gifts-they need to be saved until you are finished with "Cupids Arrows"

Reward: Coins 10,000, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 250

5. Gift Exchange Edit

"While you are putting together your city's celebration, your friends are hard at work too-picking out gifts for you! Receive some from them, and be sure to thank them very warmly.'

  • Receive 10 Gifts from Cupid from friends
  • Receive 20 Romantic Gifts from your citizens

Reward: Coins 15,000, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 150

6. Confessions of Love Edit

"Every day, more and more couples come to Amour Park. It's high time to make it even beautiful!."

  • Upgrade Amour Park to Level 3
  • Receive 10 Loving Hearts from your citizens

Reward: Coins 15,000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 150

7. Romantic Walks Edit

"Happy couples stroll around Amour Park day and night, exchanging Amourous glances and tossing coins into the pond. While they take in the wonderful atmosphere, you can take in your incredible profits and give your friends gifts from Cupid."

  • Collect profit from Amour Park 1 times
  • Send a Gift from Cupid to 2 friends

Reward: Coins 20,000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 1500

Reward! Edit

Gazebo for Two Gazebo for Two

8. Fondest Wishes Edit

"More than a few happy couples have complained of a lack of secluded spaces where they can exchange whispered sweet nothings to each other. Make sure there is a Gazebo for Two in your city and get ready for the mountain of gifts your citizens will no doubt send you."

  • Receive 2 Romantic Gifts from your citizens
  • Receive 2 Sincere Gifts from your citizens

Reward: Coins 20,000, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 175

9. A Magical Day Edit

"A romantic mood pervades the city, and your architects have offered to improve Amour Park even further. So grab their plans and then get to work! Collect profit from the Gazebo for Two to finance this bold project."

Reward: Coins 25,000, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 175

10. Festival of Love Edit

"Your city is almost ready for Valentine's Day. The Gazebo for Two just needs a few finishing touches and the city just need a little more electricity."

  • Upgrade a Gazebo for Two to the maximum level
  • Have 250 free Electricity at your disposal

Reward: Coins 50,000, XP2 300, Rating Points Simple 5500

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