Event Description Edit

This was a temporary event that started on January 3, 2016.

Brighten your residents' day by decorating your city with wonderful ice sculptures! Ask the residents for colored ice and complete a collection of three sculptures! Hurry, the event is for a limited time only!

Event tasks:
Tangerine Bubble
Ice Present Bubble
  • Collect Tangerines 50 tangerines from citizens
  • When you have 50 tangerines, trade them for an Ice Present Ice Present and Coins +12.
  • An ice present will contain 1-3 colored ice blocks. Collect 11 ice blocks of a single color, and you can build the reward ice sculpture Decorations.

Duration and Reward Edit

Event Duration: 7 days

Event Reward: Up to 10 each of Dragon Sculpture, Rabbit Sculpture, and Cat Sculpture.

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