This event is a temporary event in Bug Business that was started on March 08, 2013.

"Hooray, the Spring has come! Let beautiful women of your city feel themselves as real goddesses of high fashion - set the Podium in your city! Make real fun and increase your income greatly! To get the Podium you shall complete the following requirements:"

Event duration: 3 days

Event reward: Stylish Podium

Event tasks, all platforms Edit

Resources required were Flowers, Dresses, and Candy.  Numbers varied by user.  Some user numbers:

  • 84 flowers, 24 dresses, 18 candy
  • 104 flowers, 25 dresses and 40 candy
  • 39 flowers, 25 dresses, 14 candy
  • 90 flowers, 26 dresses and 16 candies

There was a glitch in this event, and some users found that some items were already built. In some cases, the candies or other itesm were complete when the event first started.

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